Course curriculum

  • 1

    Properly assess suitability of routes

    • Quick intro to course

    • The Biggest Mistake New Route Buyers Make

    • Intro to the 3 Tasks of a Contractors

    • 3 Tasks of a Contractor: 1st Task - HR

    • 3 Tasks of a Contractor: 2nd Task - The Art of Fleet Management

    • 3 Tasks of a Contractor: 3rd Task - Contract Management and Admin

    • Ownership Phase 1: Learning

    • Ownership Phase 2: Maintenance

    • Ownership Phase 3: Disaster Management

    • Ownership Phase Conclusion - One contractor's Dream Route is Someone Else's Nightmare

    • Distinguishing Characteristics: #1 - Net Income

    • Distinguishing Characteristics: #2 - Ease Of Management

    • Distinguishing Characteristics: #3 - Sustainability (Part 1)

    • Distinguishing Characteristics: #3 - Sustainability (Part 2)

    • Distinguishing Characteristics: #3 - Sustainability (Part 3)

    • Next Steps After Understanding Routes

  • 2

    Advanced Suitability: Absentee owned routes, scaling, financing, and modeling risk

    • Understanding Your Primary Task as a Contractor (It's Not Delivering Packages)

    • Looking at Risk Curves and Buying Routes Out of State

    • Incompetent owners and upside potential

    • The Full Truth on How This Business Takes 10 Hours a Week to Manage

    • Financing Routes and How to Evaluate Pre-Approved Businesses

    • Downside Risk Part 1 - How Private Equity Groups and Large Buyers Assess Route Failures

    • Downside Risk Part 2 - Understanding The Massive ROI of a Failed Route

    • Downside Risk Part 3 - Wrapping Up Absentee Operations

  • 3

    Working with Route Brokers

  • 4

    Finding a Specific Route to Examine

  • 5

    Documentation Required and Other Important Listing Aspects

    • Required Documentation for Deep Evaluation

    • SPA (Stock Purchase Agreement) vs Asset Sale

    • Properly handling Split CSAs and when sellers are only selling some of their routes

  • 6

    Misleading Documentation Used on Untrained Buyers

    • Intro To Misleading Documentation

    • 1099s and why they're dangerous to use

    • Bank Statements and why we seldom need them

    • FedEx Contract and understanding it better

    • Fuel Receipts are seldom needed when evaluating like a pro

    • Maintenance Records and why they can be nearly worthless

    • Payroll Reports only tell half the story

    • Tax Returns are for banks - not pro evaluations

    • Truck Condition Evaluation and Why Pros Barely Care

  • 7

    Scaling and Understanding the Limits to this Business

    • Counter Intuitive Aspects Of This Business

    • Scale Rules Critical To Understand When Buying A Large Route Bundle

    • Scaling Like A Pro

  • 9

    Steps for beginning advanced P&D Training

    • FAQ and steps to begin the Advanced Due Diligence Strategies